About us


TMK Europe GmbH is your competent and reliable Partner in Europe for Import of wide range of high quality pipe goods.

The company specializes also in distribution of production facilities, spare parts, commodities and consumables for metallurgical plants in Russia, CIS and Romania.

The company was founded 1997.

The company was originally the distributor of products of Sinarsky Pipe Plant. After merger of Sinarsky Pipe Plant and Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) 2002, TMK Europe GmbH became the main distributor in Europe of products manufactured by the group.

In the period from 2002 to 2004 TMK Europe GmbH has acquired two Romanian Pipe Plants - S.C. ARTROM SА and S.C. CSR. Resita - in order to strengthen the market position and to extend its range of products.

In the year 2006 TMK Group acquired TMK Europe GmbH. In the course of the long-standing active collaboration with TMK Group the enterprise turned out as reliable and flexible trading partner for all pipe and steel products, according to the international quality standards.

In 2018 TMK-Resita was sold to TMK-Artrom S.A.

Starting with January 01, 2022 TMK-Artrom (pipe mill) as the absorbing company, merged with TMK Resita (steel mill) as the absorbed company. Starting with January 01, 2022 the former TMK-Resita company ceased to exist, the absorbing company TMK-Artrom S.A. being the legal successor of all the rights and obligations of the former company TMK Resita S.A.

Another important scope of business of the enterprise is the trade with spare parts, equipment and technological solutions for the plants of TMK Group and other metallurgical enterprises in Russia, CIS and Romania. 

The office of the company is located in Dusseldorf (Germany).